June 2020

An Introduction To Cyber Security

In today’s world cyber threats and attacks are growing daily. This is the main reason cyber security has gained the highest importance. Along with the improved techniques used for cyber security, even attackers have started using more and more sophisticated techniques. Through these techniques, they are successfully attacking target systems. Today almost all internet users are impacted by cyber-attacks including individuals, large organizations, and small-scale businesses. This is the reason along with IT firms even non-IT firms have completely understood the importance of cyber security. They have started adopting all possible measures to handle this cyber security issue.

Since today’s cyber-attacks have become common, it is recommended that employees, as well as organizations, should take proper measures to deal with it. Today, it is impossible to avoid internet usage and employees should connect each and everything to the internet. This is one of the main reasons organizations are exposed to more and more flaws, breaches, and vulnerabilities. Today, it is not enough to use a password for protecting a system and data. Hence every internet use should think about Cyber security to avoid cyber-attacks.

Understanding Cyber Security

Cyber security can be understood as a combination of processes and techniques used for protecting sensitive data. To get really into it, it is worth checking out some interesting research on cyber security. Through cyber security you can give the highest protection to your computers, software applications installed, and to the network and protect them from cyber-attacks. Here cyber-attacks include many kinds of threats. Some of the cyber-attacks can be:

  • Complete exploitation of resources
  • Getting unauthorized access to any target system and trying to access sensitive information
  • Tampering computer systems and trying to store some data within these systems
  • Usage of ransomware attacks and trying to encrypt data
  • Extorting money from victims by accessing sensitive information or their accounts
  • Disturbing businesses functions and processes through random attacks

These are common types of cyber-attacks. But the problem with them is, these attacks are becoming more and more innovative. Even though the highest security, these cyber-attacks have successfully hacked systems through breaching security. Hence businesses are experiencing challenging situations and security analysts are working day to day to overcome these cyber-attacks. It is not easy to fight back with these sophisticated cyber-attacks. Before trying to handle these threats businesses should understand the existing attacks and threats. After that, they take the right measures to handle these cyber-attacks.


This is one of the file encryption software programs. Ransomware makes use of a unique robust encryption algorithm for encrypting files on the target system. The authors here generate a decryption key that is unique for the target system and they successfully save it in the remote server. So, users will fail to access their files even when they use any possible application.

But, ransomware authors utilize this advantage and they demand some amount from victims for providing decryption code. But, even after paying the amount, there is no guarantee about the recovery of data.

Botnets Attacks

This was initially designed for executing some specific tasks assigned within groups. This can be understood as a network of devices which are connected for executing some task. But, later attackers started using it for hacks. They started attempting attacks and through that injected malicious codes. Stealing confidential data, spreading some kind of spam mails, and DDoS attacks are some of the best examples for Botnets attacks.

This type of attack is usually targeted against large businesses. The main reason behind this is, they usually own a large amount of data. Through Botnets attacks, it is possible to control a large number of devices. Hackers take advantage of this for their evil motives.

Social Engineering Attacks

This is one of the most common tactics used by the majority of cybercriminals today. Through this attack, hackers can gather sensitive information from the user’s account. These attacks are executed by tricking some attractive advertisements and huge offers. Once you feed your data along with a bank account, they utilize it. Information entered like this is used for identity fraud.

Cryptocurrency Hijacking

In the world of cyber-attacks Cryptocurrency hijacking is a new addition. Since mining and digital currency are grabbing everybody’s attention, cybercriminals are taking advantage of this as well. Through complex computing, they can mine virtual currencies like Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. The majority of the Cryptocurrency traders and investors are suffering from such attacks.

Cryptocurrency hijacking is now referred to as “Cryptojacking”. Through this program, hackers can inject mining codes to the target system quietly. After entering the system they use GPU, CPU, and power resources as well for mining cryptocurrency. In the majority of the cases, hackers have used this technique in mining Monero coins. Mining is not an easy process and it is completely complex and hence it utilizes most of the CPU resources. Because of this, along with losing Monero coins, the victim may also get huge electricity and internet bill. More than that, mining can reduce the lifespan of the affected device.


These are some of the common cyber-attacks happening today. Apart from this, there are many more cyber-attacks you can list out. Every cyber-attacks cost and it is dangerous, especially in large organizations.