What Exactly Is A “Supercomputer?”

A supercomputer is a computer designed for computing data with components, architecture, and resources,. These supercomputers comprise of several processors that work efficiently to perform millions of calculations and computations within seconds. These highly efficient computers are used in industries like petroleum, aerospace, automotive, nuclear weapon, cryptography and national security.

Supercomputers work on architecture and operation principles from parallel and grid processing. In other words, it is a continued execution of processes. In addition to the several processors, a supercomputer also comprises of all the vital components of a typical computer system like the peripheral device, connectors, applications, operating system and more.

Supercomputer – the fastest computer

Yes, a supercomputer is the fastest computer. The computing performance of these computers give it the supremacy for high quality quick performance. This wonder computer is measured using Floating-point Operations Per Second (FLOPS). So, what is the regular outcome delivered by a supercomputer? FLOPS of Hundred quadrillions on an average!!

Cost of a super computer

The cost of a super computer is really high. It may range anywhere from 1.50 lac to 150 million Dollar.

Features of a super computer

  • They have emerged from the cluster form of grid system which worked on computing. Since it comprises of thousands of processors, the entire system can take up several feets of space.
  • Hundreds of users can work on a supercomputer at once.
  • High amount of calculations which are beyond a human capability can be performed very easily using this super computer.
  • Resolve complicated calculations of logic and arithmetic interests easily.
  • A super computer can be used by multiple users. It is used extensively in the gaming industry as well to stabilize the working of multiple players.
  • Hollywood world loves super computers – no wonder why it is used immensely in animated movies.

Use Cases

  • Mobile Applications – Testing automation can be done easily.
  • Nuclear weapon – To test the impacts of the nuclearweapon detonation
  • Security – for data encryption
  • Military – Understand the effects of war, test weapons, aircrafts and tanks
  • Medicine – To treat many diseases, predict new illnesses and find the treatment measures for it.
  • Forecasts – Super computers are used extensively for scientific and research simulations like physics, chemistry, meteorology, nuclear energy and weather forecast.
  • Physics – to solve complicated and highly intrinsic calculations

Supercomputers have been regarded as one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It has brought an ease to several complicated applications and processes across the world. Whether it is forecasting the weather to testing the nuclear weapons at a detonation centre, test aircrafts, predict illnesses, find new treatments, chemical compositions and security, the superpowers of a super computer cannot go wrong. Perhaps in the future they will become more accessible so that everything from a free local fuck app and dating sites to a medical diagnostic tool will utilize supercomputers.The high quality and high level of processors used in these computers ensure that the processors work efficiently and give the desired results. Getting a super computer to work is not an arduous task as it is self sufficient. However, it is important to note that these computers should not be accessed by every individual. Only the authorized personnel are able and knowledgeable enough to operate these supercomputers.